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Universal Travel Adapter All-in-one Travel Charger with 3 USB Ports and 1 Type C Wall Charger for US EU UK AUS Travel

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1. World-to-World Adapters-Covers More Than 160 Countries-Upgrade Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Plug Adapter - This Travel Plug Adapter has EVERYTHING You Need while Traveling !Best travel adapters for long trips. Also this International Plug Adapter has three USB ports and one type-c port, which means its possible to charge several devices at once.
2. Quick Device Charging (up to 80% faster than an average charger)&1500W High Power: This International Travel Plug Adapter has several plugs and sockets to use, which meet the different need for worldwide travelling, US TO UK plug adapter, US TO EUROPE plug adapter, ETC. In addition this Universal Travel Plug Adapter has three USB-C ports and one USB-A, so it can charge multiple devices at once. The 5v 3A USB-C makes it enough fast charge a laptop or tablet, etc.
3. Safety is Most important - This Hichor Travel Plug Adapter Has Patented Design of Built-in auto-resetting fuse to Ensures the Safety- When the wire is short-circuit or overload, the adapter will automatic power off to limit and protect the circuit. A few minutes later, the auto-resetting fuse cools down again and can be used normally. Thanks to an auto-resetting fuse it'll cut off the power if it detects that it's getting too hot, which should save your devices from problems.
4. Wide Voltage Design 100v - 250V & Reliable Quality- Top Quality PC material made and Smart IC inside Makes it a reliable Travel Plug Adapter - And this international travel plug adapter has wide voltage range of 100v -240V, 110v voltage 220v voltage is all included. It supports most dual voltage device and most the wide voltage devices.
5. Compact Shape& Wide Use-The desgin of this worldwide and European travel plug adapter is compact enough to stow away in your carry-on suitcase and slot into inconveniently placed outlets. Charge for iPhone, for iPad, Android smartphones, cell phones, tablets, cameras, laptops,hair dryer, folding kettle, hair straightener, curling iron, and so on.

Product size: 65*50*56mm
Product material: plastic metal
Product packaging: color box
Input voltage: AC 110-240V


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